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What do you do when the season has changed? How do you transition from one season to the next? Depending on the length of time you have been in a particular season, it is easy to get comfortable and not shift into the next season. One can become familiar with everything in a season that when there is a transition, they are not aware. As with the natural seasons, when there is a change, one must prepare themselves in more ways than one. We have looked at the following in preparing for a season change:

1. MIND – renewing the mind daily helps with the transition into the next season and thinking towards the expected end.

2. HEART – assessing the condition of the heart and acceptance of season

Each season is needed to take us to and through the next season.

Today, we will take a look at preparing the clothing for a seasonal change. Now that the mind and heart are prepared for the change, are you dressed properly? Less clothes are required during the summer and an umbrella or raincoat is needed in a season of rain. Layers of clothing is needed in the winter. Just as the appropriate outer clothing is needed according to the season, our inner clothing should be chosen appropriately as well. We are given scriptures as clothing for our spiritual being. There are specific scriptures for specific seasons of our life. Some examples of spiritual clothing we should consistently have are: righteousness, salvation, love, joy, peace, helmet of salvation, sword of faith.

Do you know what season your are currently in? Are you dressed properly? What are some other examples of clothing needed in the seasons of life? Leave your comment below.

Next week, we will look at another way to prepare for a seasonal change. As always, your comments are welcome. Please share this blog with someone else and encourage them to follow.

Make It A Great Day!

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