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What do you do when the season has changed? How do you transition from one season to the next? Depending on the length of time you have been in a particular season, it is easy to get comfortable and not shift into the next season. One can become familiar with everything in a season that when there is a transition, they are not aware. As with the natural seasons, when there is a change, one must prepare themselves in more ways than one.

Today, we will take a look at preparing the food for a seasonal change. What you eat has an effect on your thoughts, motivation and vision (just to name a few). Food is a nutritious substance used to maintain life and growth. Therefore, improper use of food can result in death and stagnation. Food items like soup, herbal tea, and hot chocolate are most often used in the cold, winter days. And food items like lemonade, iced tea, and sno cones are most often used in the warm, summer days. There are several foods that are seasonal, like crawfish. If crawfish are eaten out of season, they are not obtained properly and may cause harm to your body.

In addition to making sure the natural food we eat is properly used, we should be aware of the spiritual food that is readily available to us – the word of God. Not only should we be aware of the word of God, but we should also be knowledgeable of the scriptures to use at the appropriate time. Being nourished properly with the word of God will help us travel through each season and grasp everything we need.

I encourage you to embrace each season of your life knowing that the end result is life abundantly! Each season is needed to take us to and through the next season. To recap, below are four things to prepare for a seasonal change:

  1. MIND – renewing the mind daily helps with the transition into the next season and thinking towards the expected end.
  2. HEART – assessing the condition of the heart and acceptance of season
  3. CLOTHING – dress appropriately for each season spiritually and naturally to avoid unnecessary exposure or suffocation.
  4. FOOD – provide nourishment to your life so that you can wholly move through each season

Do you know what season your are currently in? Did you arrive safely or was there are little turbulence in your travel? Have you embraced your current season? If not, why not? Let’s talk – leave your comment below.

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