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Welcome to 2015! A year of restoration, manifestation, favor, refocus, deliverance, healing, and rest. Now that we’ve stepped over into the calendar year of 2015, I encourage you to step into what God has opened up for you this season. It may not look like things have changed. Things may appear to have gotten worse. Whatever is taking place that’s keeping you from moving forth in this season, press pass it and step into the new.

As the season has shifted worldwide, God has shifted in my life. There are many endeavors that will be manifesting soon – stay tuned. One project is the “Growth Segment” on A Chat in the Garden with Monique Smith that started yesterday. Once a month, I will recap the guests on this radio show’s response to their Growth Season. The first recap will be next Wednesday. So, look forward to encouragement as I introduce “Growing Through for Women in Leadership”.

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