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As we prepare to make a transition from April to May, it can become easy to give up, make changes, forfeit your promise or even become stagnant. The natural elements are not reflecting the spring season that should be taking place. There has been a swift change in the temperatures. And many are dealing with sinus/allergies (including myself). This atmosphere can become daunting and uncomfortable. At times, doing nothing seems like the best thing to do. Even making abrupt changes and hasty decisions becomes consideration. No matter what is taking place in the environment around you, be steadfast in whatever season you are personally “growing through”. Just because there is an alteration in the atmosphere, does not mean that the actual season has changed. There are some things that are in development, some in beginning stages, and some near completion. Then, there are things that need adjustments or doing away with. Today, I want to encourage you in the things that should remain and need your perseverance. Take an assessment and seek God for the things you should remain steadfast in and then, PERSEVERE!

Perseverance is the link between the past and future!

Perseverance is the bridge through many storms.

Perseverance is the cohesiveness to destiny.

Perseverance is the walk from here to there. 

Perseverance is the flow of will, determination and steadfastness.

Perseverance is the power of mind.

So, today, embrace perseverance and move forward!

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