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Reflecting on the most recent holiday honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; there is still urgency in the question, “what are you doing for others?” Throughout life, we encounter individuals from a broad spectrum of culture, race, ethnicity, values, rituals, etc. The one common thing with all is that God created us in his likeness and image. He purposed us to be relational, express love and live life abundantly. Because of something one person may have done or said to another individual several decades ago, we allow that to dictate our actions in relating to people that are different from us. Isn’t it amazing that God gave us each a part of him. There are no two people alike! Our thought patterns are different. Our upbringing are different. Our choices are different. Our skin is different (even if we are in the same race). Our cultures are different. Plain and simple – we are different! This is what makes the world grow. It is when we embrace these differences, take time to learn and understand them that we individually grow as a person and ultimately grow as the creation of God. My clarion call to you today is to search within yourself and honestly assess what you are doing for others? Let’s help each other grow through life by helping each other no matter the difference!

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