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images (1)This is the season where people gather with family and friends near and far. The joy and excitement floods through from one to another during this season. In this season there is the anticipation of feeding off the stories of old and informing of the new. Plans are made, food prepared, games are played and pictures are taken. This is also the season where people reflect on the past and make plans for the future. It’s a time of rest and preparation for what’s next.

There are 28 days left in this season – year 2014. Let’s reflect on this year and make plans for the next season – year 2015. Let this reflection encompass our total being. The areas of reflection should include, but not limited to: spiritual, physical, health, emotional, financial, and educational. Search out things needing change within you. There were several times I reached out to people close to me and asked them to tell me three strengths and weaknesses they saw in me. For the most part, the responses were consistent. The ones that were not, I dug deeper into them. Search out ways to enhance your knowledge and application spiritually, financially, emotionally, education and health wise.

Let this not be a season of just joining together with family and friends. Let us make changes in our lives that will make a difference in the lives of others and our future. What we do today, will lead us to tomorrow, next year and ultimately to our destiny! As always, your comments are welcome. Please share this blog with someone else and encourage them to follow. Make It A Great Day!