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20160609_124908Did you know that life is full of cycles? Just like the butterfly; which starts as a caterpillar, the cycle of life begins in the wound and transitions in to the full bloom our purpose. The caterpillar’s ending purpose is to be the beautiful, distinct being that God designed/created it to be. The end result of the caterpillar is grafted in them while they are in the cocoon. Likewise, when we are in the wound of our mother, we already have everything we need in us to journey through life as our purpose.

Are you using everything you have inside of you? If you do not know everything that God has designed you with, ask him to reveal it to you. Oftentimes, we reach out towards things or people to help us when we have what is needed within us. God has given us all things that pertain to life (2 Peter 1:3).

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit the butterfly garden in the Bronx Zoo. This was an awesome experience (I was like a child in a candy store). I saw the experts placing caterpillars on a tool to hang them for their growth process. Also, there were caterpillars transitioning out of their cocoon. And others were starting to flap their wings. (Butterfly Garden Pictures and Videos)

It is amazing to see others growing through life, transitioning from one place to another and flapping in their purpose. My charge to you for this quarter is to simply “Be”. Be who God has strategically created you to be. God has designed you with everything you need to “Be”.

Growing Through Life,


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