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When it comes to life or death, does the color of my skin matter? Does the culture I was raised in determine if you would receive a helping hand from me? Watching this short video (link below) this morning has brought me into more awareness of how we choose to live. We are all created in the image and likeness of God; therefore, there are no two people alike. I recently wrote about an urgent call to life and each day it is more and more urgency to choose life. Our thought patterns are different. Our upbringings are different. Our choices are different. Our skin is different (even if we are in the same race). Our cultures are different. Plain and simple – we are different! This is what makes the world grow. If you were at a decision of life and death, would you accept assistance from someone different from you? Would you step on your pride and choose life or would you die in pride? The situation does not have to be a matter of literal death but could range from needing assisting with finances, food, career choices, health concerns, etc. I encourage you to search within yourself and honestly assess if you would choose life or death? As simple as it may seem….the very person you may shun away from could be your lifeline! Think about it…

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