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Unwanted and uninvited, S.P.A.M. finds its way into our lives. We make the necessary efforts to block S.P.A.M., but it always seems to show up. S.P.A.M. is seen as things that are irrelevant or inappropriate. It is also looked upon as stopping something in progress; killing things accomplished. S.P.A.M. is costly to the recipient but is low-cost to the sender. It takes away from our time because we have to deal with it. We either have to delete several at one time or individually as it arrives. If not dealt with appropriately, S.P.A.M. places a virus on our system and ultimately shuts it down.

How many times have you been progressing through life and then there was something that caused a halt? Everything was going good. You got a new job, moved to a new city, saw a breakthrough in health and finances, started a business or even accomplished some goals. And then, there it was, the unthinkable – S.P.A.M. (Stopping Productivity And Movement). It comes in many forms and almost always in a quick, undetected, surprising manner. S.P.A.M. sometimes takes your breath away, leaving you as lifeless.

The focus should be to handle the S.P.A.M. as a growth opportunity and get rid of it. Extract what you need from it and removed it from your life. Check yourself totally – emotionally, physically, spiritually. Make sure you take care of every part of your being. You may have to designate anti-S.P.A.M. period (length of period varies according to type of S.P.A.M. and person) where you are getting rid of everything stopping you from being productive and moving forward. During this period, make sure you reboot often.

Every thing has a season and every purpose has a time. It is when we embrace the seasons, purposes and their nutrients that we grow. All things work together for good in our lives; whether we feel it is vital or not. Be encouraged and recover well!

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stopping productivity and movement