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Let love lift you!

Let it carry you through each day.

Let love transition you.

Let it be the stride within your race.


Let love lift you!

Let it flow through your heart.

Let love provide for you.

Let it saturate your thoughts.


Let love lift you!

Let it wash away the pain.

Let love bathe you.

Let it sanitize your mind.


Let love lift you!

Let it shine within your life.

Let love comfort you.

Let it clothed you through the night.

Written by ~ Aundrea T. Harris

As you Grow Through life, I encourage you to love and be loved. God’s love is evident to us in ways we may not think. Let God love you through your seasons. Let His love take you to a new place in Him. Let love be the foundation of every decision you make and action you take. See others through love. As always, your comments are welcome. Please share this blog with someone else and encourage them to follow. Make It A Great Day!

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