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It’s that time again where I share my #DissertationJourney with you! There have been some great things to take place since I last posted my blog. After I received the feedback from my committee member that everything looked good, I submitted my prospectus to the Program Director on July 10th for approval. My plan for the quarter, was to have it sent by August 1st. I was very excited that I had provided a quality document prior to my goal. Being that the normal time allowed for providing feedback is two weeks, I began working on other things while I waited to hear back from the Program Director. About four days later, I received notification that my prospectus had been denied. My first thought was concerned about having to change my topic. Then, I started thinking about having to find more support for my topic. The only logical thing to do was to read the Program Director’s feedback.

After reading the feedback, I was so stoked. There was very few changes needed that consisted of moving information from one section to another and making sure my reference pages aligned with the APA standards. The Program Director shared that I have presented a topic worthy of PhD level study and that I provided sufficient evidence to support it. He also stated that my topic represents an original piece of research, contribution to the literature and promotes positive social change.

After making the necessary changes, I submitted on July 25th and am proud to say that my prospectus was approved on July 27th by the Program Director. In a previous blog that I posted, I shared that the prospectus is a brief document that provides preliminary information about my dissertation research. So, now I can move forward with developing the extenuating research and proposal to conduct the study. As I journey through the final days of this quarter, I am in preparation for the Dissertation Intensive Retreat next week. During this retreat, my goal is to have completed draft of Chapter 2 – Literature Review. My encouragement to you is to keep your hope alive no matter the circumstances, hindrances, or delays! Do what it takes to fulfill your destiny!

As always, I am excited to share my dissertation journey with you. I ask that you share this blog with someone else. We all are going through some type of journey and this might be the encouragement you or that person need to go a litter further. Let’s encounter this life changing experience together!

I have decided to change sharing my #DissertationJourney with you from once weekly to at least once monthly.

Growth Tip: “Keep H.O.P.E. (Having One’s Purpose Evolve) Alive!” ~ Aundrea T. Harris

Scripture Meditation: Proverbs 13:12 NLT –  Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

Make It A Great Day ~ Aundrea

#GrowingThroughLife #Onward