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live in victory everyday

Hey you! Yes, you! You’re almost there. You have made steps toward releasing hurt; don’t give up now! The journey of releasing hurt doesn’t stop. Healing is a process; it requires daily (sometimes moment by moment) effort to remain free from the effects of past hurt. Now that a conscious consent to release the hurt has been done, recovery from emotional distress has begun; it’s time to L.I.V.E. – Living In Victory Everyday. As you continue in the healing process, keep in mind these things: You are more than a conqueror, you are victorious, and be diligent through the process.

As a man think; so is he (Psalm 23:7)! Find scriptures for your specific healing and begin to think on them. Allow them to resonate within you and speak them over your life. God has already provided the avenue for you as the victor. Take time to seek Him for the path to your healing. God makes us win – 2 Corinthians 2:14. As stated in last week’s blog, all things work together for good and have a greater purpose than we can imagine. Be consistent in your healing process to L.I.V.E! There will be times of despair, frustration and feelings of no progress; but, keep going.

Scriptures for your healing process: 31 Healing Scriptures

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