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Last week’s blog provided the foundation to releasing hurt and moving forward through life. Hurt is an interruption in one’s growth through life. It has to be dealt with properly to ensure that life flows freely and is lived in full capacity. As mentioned last week, the first step to releasing hurt is to make a conscious consent to release the hurt. Give yourself permission to face/feel the hurt, not to drown in the pain, but to accept what happened. Once there is acceptance of what happened and that you cannot do anything to change that, then the next thing is to forgive the person(s) and yourself.

Now it’s time to heal – recover from emotional distress. Sorrow (mourning) has been expressed over the hurt, pain, disappointment, etc. that stopped you from living. It is okay to cry (as most people know, this is my life theme statement). Crying is a response to an emotional state; it relieves stress and toxins from the body. So, crying helps to release the hurt, it cleanses the soul. During the healing process, there will be points where you want to question God as to why you. Don’t focus on the why it happened to you but change your perception and place your energy in finding the growth root of the hurt.

Every thing has a season and every purpose has a time. It is when we embrace the seasons, purposes and their nutrients that we grow. All things work together for good in our lives; whether we feel it is vital or not. I encourage you not to resist the healing process, embrace it with hope. There is an expected end and God is the author of it. Reach out to Him, love on Him, talk to Him, read about Him and DANCE BABY DANCE – for God has turned your mourning into dancing!

As always, your comments are welcome. Please share this blog with someone else and encourage them to follow. Make It A Great Day! It’s A Wonderful Life Now!

Listen to the song below by Lee Ann Womack and be inspired to DANCE!