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In a few days, people worldwide will celebrate those they love. Some will not want to have anything to do with the national celebration for several reasons. Whatever the reason is, it is my hope that everyone will find a way to celebrate the most important person in their life – self! Love is a feeling of strong, constant affection (liking) for a person. Before we are able to express love towards others, we must first experience it for ourselves. And what better way to experience than by giving it to your own self.

Make time to love you. Love the way you look, love the way you talk, love the way you walk! Love everything about you – this starts with liking you. Show constant strong affection towards who God created you to be. Make time to do something you love to do this week. Enjoy a book, take a walk in the park, indulge in a spa day, etc. It will be the greatest investment you will ever make! Continue the investment beyond this week; incorporate it into your life.

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