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Growth Segment

“Life’s journey provides seasons and it is when we grow through them that we are changed in the process”. In a season of shift (change, transfer, relocation), discomfort is evident but it is when we embrace the shift that we are totally changed. Shifting to more responsibility oftentimes presents an opportunity for overload. Knowing how to stay grounded comes to many people in different ways. The one thing that should be common to all, is having a relationship with God. God knows each of us and he knows what we need for growth. Feeding our spirit helps us to keep our focus and in balance through life’s journey.

From Coach to Athletic Director, Renee Bostic (Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY) says she is in her growth season right now. During her interview with Monique A.J. Smith on A Chat in the Garden she provides valuable tools for growing through a shift. First, you must make the choice to grow daily. There is always a growth opportunity in our life, whether we see it that way or not. Next, you must believe what you do is the best. If you are not confident in what you impart into others, then why are you investing it in others? Over the last two years, Renee said she has developed a “tougher skin”. Developing a tougher skin results from embracing life’s challenges and knowing that life is not about you. You catch the balls thrown at you and you take it to the goal. You use the challenges as a foundation of force in your passion as well as a stone in building your character.

The blog today is a tool to provide encouragement, direction and strength to those in leadership. Everything is seasonal in our life and it is when we embrace the seasons and their nutrients that we grow. All things work for the greater good in our lives; whether we feel it is vital or not. Stepping into one’s purpose and living it out daily is often a challenge in itself. Add to that a leadership role and you have just increased the level of challenges and resistance to fulfill your purpose. Take note that even though your title may not scream “leadership”, we all are leaders in some manner. We are governors of the purpose that God has created us for.

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Listen to Renee Bostic’s interview here: A Chat in the Garden

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