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The blog today is a tool to provide encouragement, direction and strength to those in leadership. Everything is seasonal in our life and it is when we embrace the seasons and their nutrients that we grow. All things work for the greater good in our lives; whether we feel it is vital or not. Stepping into one’s purpose and living it out daily is often a challenge in itself. Add to that a leadership role and you have just increased the level of challenges and resistance to fulfill your purpose. Take note that even though your title may not scream “leadership”, we all are leaders in some manner. We are governors of the purpose that God has created us for.

There were some key things Kristna Dass mentioned in her interview with Monique A.J. Smith on A Chat in the Garden that provides light in the pathway through life. Oftentimes we get comfortable in goals we have reached, jobs we have obtained and even our level of growth. It is important that we are able to assess our atmosphere and realize that a change is needed. We are investments in the lives of others and monitoring our input and output is necessary to ensure that we maximize the return.

My investment to you today is hope. Keep your hope burning with the passion you have in your purpose. Let this passion burn so deep within that it does not matter how you get to your destiny; just that you get there! Change is evident for growth and it is when we embrace the seasons in our life that we grow through life. I am going to leave with you two quotes to reflect on: “if you have faith you have hope and if you have hope you have everything” (author unknown); “Remember what got you to the place you are in your purpose, stay true to that and know that success is around the corner” (paraphrased, Kristna Dass, Athletic Director of Hostos Community College).

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