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V2 release…Knowing and understanding the concept of “a time to every purpose” helps when things begin to shift in our lives. Because life is ever evolving, we should embrace the fact that we grow and mature regularly. As we grow, seasons change and sometimes the time is up on particular purposes. We should not become so comfortable in life that we forfeit our next opportunity for growth…

That’s just a sneak peek from my new book, Seasons of Life: There is a Purpose V2 (coming June 9) on Amazon for $4.99. Pre-order today and not pay until June 9. Pre-ordering sends a message to the publishers that there is a demand for a book, so they print more, which in turn makes a book more successful. I appreciate you pre-ordering and spreading the word to your network.

***Pre-order your copy of Volume 2 by May 31st to receive the audio of Volume 1 FREE! Email the final receipt of your pre-order to

Seasons of Life: There Is A Purpose (Volume 2)
*The print copy will be available for ordering by 06.09.16

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