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Marc Mero states, “Life is not about winning the race; life is about finishing the race”. While listening to his message to students, these words stuck with me. It may seem that winning and finishing the race is almost the same thing – it’s all about perception and motive. To win, is to obtain victory in a contest, game or fight. In winning a race, a person does whatever it takes to win, to come out on top, to be first. To finish, is to be done creating or building something. In finishing a race, a person takes learning strides to build stamina. When the motivation is in finishing the race, the victory received is priceless. When the motivation is in winning the race, the victory obtained sometimes is costly.

Choose to finish the race versus winning the race. In your process of finishing the race, help others finish the race. Marc expresses that, “Love is just a word until someone comes along and puts meaning to it”. He says, “YOU are that meaning”! You are the meaning to someone’s life. Use the time you have been given wisely. Throughout your life’s journey, I encourage you to live in the moment. Embrace seasons, extract growth, and evolve through. Examine your life and those God has placed on your journey; make sure you are expressing love through your actions!

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Listen to Marc’s message below and be encouraged!