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finish race crosses

It never fails! Just when you need that extra push or a second wind, it appears in the most profound way. After work on yesterday, I began to check my emails and social media pages. In the midst of doing this, there appeared Kayla Montgomery, a long distance runner, doing what she does best – running a race. She has a passion to run and is considered one of the “country’s best runners”. Despite the dis-ease of multiple sclerosis, Kayla perseveres to reach the finish line. It does not bother her that she has to collapse in her coach’s arms. Kayla’s goal is the finish line.

There are many days that my body does not want to function normal. Sometimes, it takes an enormous amount of effort to think myself up out of the bed. Then there are times when 2 or 3 days pass and I may have only had a few hours of sleep. In 2009, the dis-ease of thyroid showed up and so began my healing journey. There are so many other challenges I have experienced and am experiencing even now. Watching Kayla’s resilience has given me a new perspective and encouraged me to keep going no matter the challenges. I know that the best coach (God) is with me on my journey to healing & wholeness. In this “season” of my life, I am determined to grow through and be changed in the process.

What is your finish line? Do you have a dis-ease that may slow your stride or inflict pain in your movement? Is the journey you’re on uncomfortable, disheartening, tiresome? Whatever the dis-ease is, I encourage you to keep going. At the finish line, is your coach (God) ready to catch you in His arms and provide you with the care to go another lap. Watch Kayla’s story below. As always, your comments are welcome. Please share this blog with someone else and encourage them to follow. Make It A Great Day!