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Oh how I want this dissertation process to go smoothly from start to finish! Well, the reality of this is that it will not all be bells and whistles nor a piece of cake. If it was that easy, many people would not hesitate to take this road. I am entering into the 5th week of this quarter with seven weeks to go. This is truly a life changing journey and I am only at the starting point of it all.

So, on this past Friday, I received some more feedback from my chair and it was far from what I wanted to hear. I had already moved on to the next section and was preparing to submit the entire prospectus today to her for review. My heart immediately became full and tears flowed from my eyes. I screamed in agony! I began to have thoughts about the reason of my pursuit for this degree. The thought of quitting now instead of later was on my mind. So, I did not do any dissertation work on Saturday or Sunday. I took a break and geared myself up this morning to work on the things to submit to my chair for approval. I can admit that having to go back and do more research has shown me some more things about my topic. My perspective has shifted again and I understand the feedback from my chair. This revisit to the problem statement helps me to build my foundation so that the road ahead will be smoother. It is preparing the way for the rest of the journey.

When talking with a few friends on yesterday about the challenges of getting things approved by my chair, one person said something that resonated with me. The person said, “the first time my chair would not approve something, I would say that’s it, this is not for me”. That statement vibrated through me loudly. So, what if, the first time a person did not make a good grade on a high school assignment during their senior year, they dropped out? When I failed an accounting course in undergraduate school several times, what if I decided not to continue until I received the degree? What about the child that falls several times learning to ride a bicycle? Should they quit? The journey of life offers so many different things that we can either embrace or dismiss. If we dismiss the challenges of life, we will not grow into the person God has created us to be.

As always, I am excited to share my dissertation journey with you. I ask that you share this blog with someone else. We all are going through some type of journey and this might be the encouragement you or that person need to go a litter further. Let’s encounter this life changing experience together!

Growth Tip: “Life’s journey provides seasons and it is when we grow through them that we are changed in the process” ~ Aundrea T. Harris

Scripture Meditation: 2 Chronicles 15:7 NIV – But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.

Make It A Great Day ~ Aundrea

#GrowingThroughLife #Onward