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Your first thoughts might be toward the document in which a person “requests to be allowed to die rather than kept alive by artificial means in the event of becoming disabled beyond a reasonable expectation of recovery” ( If you have not created this document and signed it, I suggest that you do. I am in the process of doing the same (I’ve been working on it for almost a month -still a little hesitantJ). Most people that know me are probably surprised that I mentioned this document. I have a difficult time processing death; however, throughout life’s experiences, I know that I should be prepared in many ways. One way, is to have a living will.

When first writing this blog, I wanted to discuss the will (choice, desire, willingness) to face hurt, release it, forgive and move forward. As I began to put thought in it and write from my heart, I realized that hurt is an interruption in one’s growth through life. And if it is not properly dealt with, one can create and sign a living will without their conscious consent. Life has stopped flowing because of the hurt and one begins to operate through the hurt (unconsciously). This is detrimental to the total being of a person. The person’s will to live has died. Being kept alive by artificial means (hurt) is not living in full capacity.

Do you know that when you do not release hurt that you make a request to die? Hurt that is not acknowledged, accepted and released disables a person’s ability to live. Experiencing emotional pain, distress, wounded feelings, etc. is something everyone at one point of their life has encountered or will encounter. With some it’s easy to release and move forward and others have a longer journey with their release. The first step in choosing to live is making the conscious consent to release the hurt. You may say, “I do want to live”, “I want to release the hurt”. If that is true, then why are you still holding on to the hurt? Think about it…

Step 1 – Conscious Consent to Release Hurt

Give yourself permission to face/feel the hurt with the goal to accept and release it

  • accept that it happened and you cannot do anything to change the past
  • don’t pretend that you’re okay
  • forgive the person and yourself

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