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As I made it through TSA security checkpoint at the airport, there it was, “DELAYED”. Taking a deep sigh, I continued to the gate area. Walking towards the access area for my next destination, I processed my thoughts about this delay. A few months ago, I would have been irate in my thoughts which would have hindered my ability to travel lightly. At this moment in time, I was relaxed and accepting of the delay. It was not a priority of mine to know the specific details of this delay. I informed a few people of this delay in my schedule and there was one response in particular that confirmed my state of mind. My mentor said, “Thank God for His delays”. Not knowing why this delay took place, I began to thank God. I embraced this delay and used the opportunity to complete some writing projects.

Have you experienced a delay recently in your life? How did you process it? What we think about a situation produce the way we travel to the destination. I believe that no one wants to be weighted down when traveling. Especially when there is a delay! The main thing I extracted from this growth opportunity is that, I would reach my destination. Life’s journey provides us with growth opportunities. I encourage you today to know that you will reach the destined places in your life. There may be a delay in the arrival time; however, you will make it! There is a purpose to this delay. Use the delay to extract growth.

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