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mental healthYes, I said crazy is real. When looking up the meaning of crazy, there were two definitions that stood out. According to, crazy is “unsound; unusual behavior”. Now think on that! To go a little further, unsound is defined as unhealthy, diseased, and disordered as of the body or mind. Wow – I can relate to several times in my life where I was at an unhealthy point and disordered in my body, mind and many other areas. This morning I was reading my daily devotion and it was about when Jesus cured a child referred to as being a lunatic – sore vexed (Matthew 17:14-21). The scripture said the lunatic often tried to fall into fire or water. This sounds like he tried to burn or drown himself – suicide attempts. A lunatic is described in as “a person legally declared to be of unsound mind and who therefore is not held capable or responsible before the law”. We are back at “unsound”. To be sore vexed is to be irritated mentally. Again, crazy is real!

Medline Plus states, “Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act as we cope with life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.” More and more, I am hearing of individuals committing suicide. When a person is mentally ill – unsound, unhealthy; a cure is needed. If you are in distress, feeling hopeless, not sure of life; I encourage you to talk to someone. Find family and friends that will be positive support to you. Search out professionals, ministers, community advocates or even a mentor to walk with you through life.

As we accept the fact that crazy is real, we will be open to the many lives that need to be cured. Walking around in denial is the most assured way for many lives to end as a result of being mentally ill. The reality is that we all are going through something in life and need a support system to make the journey easier. Again, I appeal to you, find someone to walk with you. Find someone to talk with. As a counselor, life coach, mentor, change agent, I too need someone. I have my mother; a special life support; an awesome mentor, Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes; a business adviser; friends, and many prayer partners. I consistently call on them when I feel my grip on life is weak. Don’t be ashamed, be confident in that there is someone willing to help you through life.

 ***If you are reading this blog, and you need someone to walk with through life’s journey, contact me at It’s A Wonderful Life Now Coaching & Mentoring. Or you may know someone that is in need of support through life, have them contact me. I urge you not to prolong reaching out to someone, your life depends on it.

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