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WHEW! Did you slide in, walk towards, run for, or crawl to this day? The first quarter of 2015 is over and we have entered into a new day – new month – new quarter – new season! So, how did you do last quarter? Did you grow through life’s journey? Were you able to create a game plan for the upcoming months? Have you been thinking positively? What have you learned from last quarter? Who did you connect with in line with your purpose? I know you are probably thinking these are a lot of questions. Yes, its reflection time. Check your growth level from the beginning of the year until now and make notation of areas that still need growth.

I hope you’re not comfortable where you are currently because the atmosphere of change is here to sweep the familiar away. The season/period has changed and we are transitioning into new.  A territory untraveled before awaits you; embrace it before you reach it. Embrace it with an open heart/mind trusting the expected end God has designed just for you. Each season is needed to take us to and through the next season. Don’t disregard growth points from the last quarter. They are definitely needed for this season. These points build on each other to present the final score! Nurture your environment to increase the productivity of growth in your life. Thoroughly examine your mind, heart, clothing, and food as you step into this new season.

Four things to prepare for a seasonal change:

  1. MIND – renewing the mind daily helps with the transition into the next season and thinking towards the expected end.
  2. HEART – assessing the condition of the heart and acceptance of season
  3. CLOTHING – dress appropriately for each season spiritually and naturally to avoid unnecessary exposure or suffocation.
  4. FOOD – provide nourishment to your life so that you can wholly move through each season

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