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The first thought that comes to mind, is New Edition’s hit song! It talks about weathering the storm; being there not only in the good but the bad. The thing that I like about the lyrics to this song is that the thought of storms is not denied. Denying that storms will take place in your life is a sure step to thinking insane.

I like the rain but only in certain conditions. I would rather stay in the house and enjoy the sound and re-freshness of the rain. Going to work, church, shopping, anywhere is frowned upon by me and many others. Shielding myself by staying inside deprives me of the benefits of the rain. Rain produces growth and sustains life. It’s only when we indulge ourselves in the rain (no umbrella, rain boots or rain coat) that we experience growth to be sustained through life.

Life can offer things that at some point we either want to embrace or dismiss. Whether we acknowledge it or not; these things are vital to our journey through life. Making the choice to grab hold to what life brings to us gives the opportunity for us to identify who God created us to be and assess if we are reflecting that or not. Choosing to take the easy route and terminate life’s opposition can lead to delay, denial and despair. Life’s journey provides seasons and it is when we grow through them that we are changed in the process. Don’t focus on the process – just know that the end result is LIFE!

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