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bailA while back, there was an instance in where I was made aware of something about a person. My first response was denial. And I can attest that at this moment, denial has residue in my thoughts. In the few days after finding out this information, I almost talked myself into the belief that what I saw was not true. I continued through each day as if the information had never surfaced into my life. Several emotions fought for attention. Hurt, disappointment, deception, and betrayal were among the fight. How could this be true? Why didn’t I know this about you? Questions, statements, conclusions all danced through my head. My heart felt shattered and trust battered. Weighing through what has now been brought to light, I had to make a conscious decision. Will I bail on this relationship or allow love to prevail?


1 Peter 4:8 lets us know that love covers. Although I decided to let love prevail, it is a moment by moment process in which I allow God’s grace and mercy for me, water the love I have for others. Throughout life, we meet people and connect with some for longer periods of time. These are individuals we consider dear to our hearts and hold them close in value. Each of us has a growth process and in these times there is often a revelation. This exposure meets certain people at certain times. All of a person is not opened up until certain seasons. For one reason, a particular part of an individual may not be something to be quickly received and/or handled. I am sure there are parts of you that have not been revealed to others. The most important thing to remember is that we grow moment by moment, day by day, year by year and season by season. At the appropriate time, there is an unveiling to those capable of meeting you where you are and walking with you towards another level of growth.


GROWTH TIP ~ Look within at the grace and mercy God has shown you through his love; don’t be quick to bail on those dear and near to you – let love prevail!


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