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As you may have noticed, I did not post a blog last week. There were several reasons – not feeling well, lack of motivation, and focused on getting things approved by chair of my dissertation. Many times, we are faced with the things I named and many more. For this blog, I am going to focus on the lack of motivation I had on last week.

The lack of motivation can result from many things. The deficiency I had in the drive to do much of anything happened because I was not feeling well. I have been on a healing journey for about 10 months now. In July of last year, I was in a car accident that changed my entire life. There are times when my body says, “Nope, not today; better yet, not even this week!” It is a challenge for me to work through the healing. Although the challenges come to defeat our motivation, we must learn to move through them. This does not mean we should push through to physically do something. As oftentimes, when we push through to do something, we mess things up! However, we should make sure we push through our thoughts to keep our motivation. Having a little downtime to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate helps to keep us in the game.

So, while I was feeling a little less motivated, I chose to keep my mind motivated. I completed bible devotions, listened to motivating music, did some meditation and some other self-care things. It is important for us to invest in ourselves on a consistent basis so that we may be able endure the journey of life. I encourage you to keep your mind motivated even when the get-up-and-go is not there.

As always, I am excited to share my dissertation journey with you. I ask that you share this blog with someone else. We all are going through some type of journey and this might be the encouragement you or that person need to go a litter further. Let’s encounter this life changing experience together!

Growth Tip: “Keep your mind motivated by investing in your spirit, soul, and body” ~ Aundrea T. Harris

Scripture Meditation: Colossians 3:23 KJV – And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

Make It A Great Day ~ Aundrea

#GrowingThroughLife #Onward