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This book is the product of the deep reflection and personal assessment of the author. The journey of taking these experiences and turning them into a book provided a great testament to the power of faith. Often, testimony is viewed as speaking to one another, telling how God has led us from one place to another. This testimony is Aundrea Harris’ and she is sharing it with the world in order to promote the power of Christ and draw others to a walk with Him.

We all have experiences in life. Some of them good, some…less so. Whatever the circumstances of our lives, someone else has been through it and made it through. Aundrea Harris uses biblical wisdom and practical advice to help guide readers through the concept of seasons in our lives and how to embrace them while we’re in them and when they change.

As readers immerse themselves in this book, they will discover Aundrea Harris’ strength, perseverance, and faith. In turn they will be embraced by the others who have read and shared the passage of the seasons of their lives.

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